iT services

Drones & geomatics

Electronic security

  • IT development: Development of software packages, websites, databases, web and mobile applications; Installation and deployment of data servers, web servers and messaging; Sale of domain names, hosting and SEO of website.
  • Computer Security: Antivirus and fine anti-attacks; Cloud service and redundant data storage; Physical and digital archiving of data; Digitalization of the data.
  • Networks & Telecoms: Network cabling; Deployment of servers Sharing and Access Control; Implementation of site implantation mesh plans; Making Mats and Pillars; Provision of Internet access; Computer maintenance.
  • Design & Print: Graphic Design; Realization of standard logos, paper-headers, webdesign; Security of marks against forgery.
  • Rental, sale, training and maintenance of professional drones: Drones of military surveillance and air support of troops on the ground during the fighting; Drones for mapping, inspection and inventory of environmental and infrastructural resources; Drones for agriculture (irrigation and spreading); Geological prospecting drones (search for water, mines, cavities, ores, improvised anti-personnel mines, etc.).
  • Our geomatics services: Card design, databases, webmapping and mobile GIS; Acquisition and geo-processing of satellite images and drones; Collection and / or inventory of socio-economic or environmental data via smartphones, tablets, GPS and drones; Spatial analyzes for spatial planning and logistics; Transport and surveillance assisted by drones; Irrigation and drone assisted spreading; Remote sensing assisted by drone; Short and medium-term training in GIS and remote sensing assisted by drones and satellites.
  • Service offering Sales, Installation, Training, Maintenance & Service: Installation of tracking systems for people and goods by GPS plotter (management of car fleets, tracking of patients, children, animals, etc.); Installation of access control systems with badges, fingerprints, RFID barcodes, optics, etc. ; Installation of automation systems: ATMs, TPEs, remote control doors, magnetic card systems, etc. digital currencies (bitcoins); Installation of anti-intrusion alarms, fire, pollution, explosives; Installation of video surveillance systems and video intercoms
  • Vigil-Video service offer: Installation of complete remote monitoring device; 24-hour Monitoring Room of sites (business or home); Preventive rounds of intervention teams; Interventions in less than 10 minutes in case of alerts or intrusions.


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