Established in 2014, Yarmotek International is a research, consulting, training and technical assistance firm that has acquired internationally recognized expertise. Yarmotek International specializes in IT, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Aerospace Remote Sensing assisted by drones and satellites. Yarmotek International's drone services department is today the pride of Africa in general, and of Burkina Faso in particular. Thanks to its partnership with the Chinese giant drones Digital Eagle, Yarmotek International is finalizing the implementation of the first UAV manufacturing plant in West Africa in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


Our vision
To establish a center of expertise of international level in ICT.

Our mission
Contribute to the changes underway in Africa by sustainably strengthening the capacities and skills of actors and organizations to raise them to the highest level in the achievement of their objectives. To also propose solutions and to help the actors of development in their decision-making.


Our values
Excellence-Quality-Sustainability-Customer Satisfaction-Value Added


Our approach
To meet the challenges of globalization, sustained growth and increased competition, African countries must indisputably take ownership of technological developments.
Unfortunately Most of the hardware and software ICT solutions that have been proposed so far to African actors have not been designed for them, nor created for them and even less designed by them. As a result, imported ICT solutions remain for most African countries: a luxury out of reach, inappropriate, a fad, conformism.
The main goal of Yarmotek is to design participatory local solutions that take into account both the socio-cultural and gender dimensions, and the economic and infrastructural realities to put ICTs at the service of sustainable development in Africa.
Our experts have many years of practical experience in public and private administrations, international development agencies, non-governmental organizations, and research centers.
We work together with our clients to define tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. We are listening to them to put at their disposal the best of our expertise


Our clients
Public and private institutions-Donors, NGOs and Associations etc.


Our services
Study, Consulting, Training and Technical Assistance, Monitoring and evaluation, Surveys, Provision of tailor-made solutions GIS, IT, Decision Support.