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2018-2019 - Sale of drones

  • 18 Military surveillance drones
  • 25 Mining prospecting drones
  • 30 agricultural drones (irrigations + spreading)
  • 95 trained pilots
  • 30 trained drone maintenance engineers


November 2017 - Aqua Alimenta

Mobile data collection from Burkina, Niger, Mali, Togo and Benin, as part of the multi-year follow-up of performance indicators for Neema pump users of the West Africa Regional Program.


October 2017 - Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism

Design and implementation of 2 platforms: the "MAILTRACK" platform for mail management and tracking; and the "ComptaTracking" platform for traceability of accounting documents and management of accounting.


May 2017 - USAID - Regis-ER

Mobile data collection as part of the evaluation of Service Providers Agents (APS) of the Resilience and Economic Growth - Resilience Enhanced Project (REGIS-ER), funded by USAID.


March 2017 - ASI-Selever became Tanager in 2019

Mobile data collection for the Support Family Farming for Poultry Farming and Rural Economy Development Project (SELEVER) funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in 2016, 2017, 2019, sponsored by Agribusiness Systems International ( ASI) became Tanager in 2019;


September 2016 - Unicef ​​and the Prime Ministry of Burkina Faso

Mobile data collection for the diagnostic study of communal social services in the BF for the benefit of the Prime Ministry of Burkina Faso, sponsored by UNICEF.


November 2015 - SONABHY

Networking and installation of access control devices + Design of a management platform for pointing and anti-intrusion alerts.


September 2014 - European Union

Data collection + Design reports impressions + cartographic restitution of data on Public Finance Reform Strategies of the Republic of Guinea Conakry.