Yarmotek Security comprises two departments: the "Sales & After-Sales Service" department and the Vigil-Video department.

The Sales & Service department specializes in the following areas:
Installation of tracking systems for people and goods by GPS plotter (management of car fleets, tracking of patients, children, animals, etc.)
Installation of access control systems by badges, fingerprints, RFID barcodes, eyes, etc. ;
Installation of automation systems: ATMs, TPEs, remote control doors, magnetic card systems, etc. digital currencies (bitcoins);
Installation of anti-intrusion alarms, fire, pollution, explosives
Installation of video surveillance systems and video intercoms.


The Vigil-Video Department offers the following monitoring and protection solutions:
Installation of complete remote monitoring device
24-hour Monitoring Room of sites (business or home)
Preventive rounds of intervention teams
Interventions in less than 10 minutes in case of alerts or intrusions.

Our "Drones" department specializes in the rental, sale, training and maintenance of professional drones of various types:

  • Drones of military surveillance and air support troops on the ground during the fight. It's drones are equipped with professional cameras with zoom options, night vision, thermal detection, tracking modules of moving or immobile targets.
  • Mapping, inspection and inventory drones of environmental and infrastructural resources that are equipped with GPS, radar and multispectral remote sensing sensors;
  • Drones and robots for agriculture (irrigations and spreading) which are equipped with altimetry and anti-collision radars;
  • Drones and geological prospecting robots (search for water, mines, cavities, ores, improvised antipersonnel mines, etc.)


Our "Geomatics" department offers the following expertise:

  • Design of maps, GIS databases and mobile webmapping and GIS applications;
  • Acquisition and geo-processing of data from satellite imagery and drones;
  • Collection of socio-economic or environmental data via smartphones, tablets and phone calls;
  • Inventory of environmental and infrastructural resources by GPS, smartphones and drones;
  • Spatial analysis and spatial planning and logistics planning;
  • Rapid transport, air support and assisted surveillance by drones;
  • Irrigation, land spreading and environmental monitoring assisted by drone;
  • Thermal remote sensing, radar, radio, infrared, near infrared, laser and other electromagnetic waves assisted by drone;
  • Short-term and long-term training in remote sensing assisted by drones and satellites, and GIS (Cartography, Webmapping, GIS Database, Use of professional GIS software such as ARCGIS, QGIS, PosgreSQL / PostGIS, etc.)

Our experts are familiar with the issues of the environment and the evolution of ICT in Africa. With this in-depth knowledge of Africa, our business experts always take into account the context and specificity of each project they develop in Africa.

Our IT department includes several services: development, security, networks and telecoms and design & print.


In computer development we offer the following solutions:

  • The development of software packages, websites, databases, web and mobile applications;
  • Installation and deployment of data servers, web servers and mail servers;
  • The sale of domain names, hosting and website referencing

In computer security we offer the following solutions:

  • Antivirus and fine anti-attacks
  • Cloud service and redundant data storage
  • Physical and digital archiving of data;
  • Digitization of documents


In Networks & Telecoms we offer the following services:

  • Network cabling
  • Deploying the servers
  • Sharing and Access Control
  • Realization of site implantation mesh plan;
  • Making Mats and Pellets
  • Provision of Internet access
  • Computer maintenance.

In Design & Print we offer the following expertise:

  • Graphic design
  • Realization of standard logos, paper-headers, webdesign
  • Security of marks against forgery

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